Jennifer Walters

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, and have been providing treatment since 2000. I work with adultsjenwalters4_edited_edited2 with mental health concerns in individual counseling.

My past work experiences are varied, and include a community mental health center, a group private practice, and a private high school. I have also worked in a vocational training center with adults who have developmental disabilities and in a substance abuse facility.

I have had training and experience working with many different concerns, including, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, work stress, and parenting concerns.


  • MA: Counseling and Applied Psychology, Rowan University, 2002
  • BA: Psychology, University of Virginia, 1999


  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Pennsylvania, Issued August 2006
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Virginia, Issued August 2020
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Maine, Issued September 2022

Professional Associations

  • American Counseling Association


Leah Booze

LB HeadshotI am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have been in clinical practice since 2016.

I have been trained to work with adults psychodynamically, with a focus on relational trauma. The lens in which I practice is rooted in mindful awareness, value interpretation, and a strong focus on building/repairing a positive, self-compassionate perspective as a means to embrace the fullness of you. Building self-compassion is often a process, and I enjoy supporting clients in building this core need.

I will do my best to listen, learn and tailor my approach specifically to your needs as my practice is eclectic in nature.  The past is viewed with empathy and understanding to better live in the present.

Some themes that stand out in my practice involve healthy relationships, attachment, depression, spiritual integration, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, domestic abuse, addiction, grief, postpartum transitions, women’s issues and self-esteem.

I’ve had several years of counseling experience in a community mental health setting, and have education experience as well as leading group therapy on the topic of Healthy Relationships.


  • MA: Clinical Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Trauma Studies, Eastern University, 2016
  • BA: English Education, University of Delaware, 2009


  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Pennsylvania, Issued November 2019


Caitlin Mobley

C Mobley headshot

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have been in clinical practice since 2014. I have been trained to work with adults experiencing mental health concerns and have experience in individual, group, and community-based work. I pride myself on creating therapeutic moments within daily life for individuals who are undergoing change or are in large moments of uncertainty in their lives.

My therapeutic work is guided through a trauma-informed approach with elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness. I believe that individuals who are seeking transformation, self-betterment, change, or the skillset to navigate their inner selves best succeed through steady support and access to tools that allow progress and insight to unfold at the person’s own pace. 

My experience includes working in mental health settings with survivors of domestic violence and within zero or low-income housing programs. I have worked with adults experiencing a wide range of mental health concerns, including: post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, anger, and personality disorders, along with substance use disorders and individuals with dual substance use and mental health diagnoses.


  • MSW: Fordham University, 2014
  • BA: English Literature, Georgia College, 2010


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Pennsylvania, Issued February 2023
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, New York, Issued June 2021
  • Licensed Social Worker, Pennsylvania, October 2019-February 2023
  • Licensed Social Worker, New York, Issued 2014-June 2021


Coreen Payne

Payne headshotI am a Licensed Social Worker, and have been providing clinical treatment since 2018. I work primarily with adults with mental health concerns in individual counseling, but have experience with group therapy as well as working with adolescents. I practice with a relational lens, working to build trust in an empathetic, nonjudgmental environment and support you in setting individualized goals to meet your needs. I believe in the importance of self-compassion in fueling personal growth and will work hard to assist you in acceptance of your current state while working to improve your total personhood.

In the past I have worked in a partial hospitalization setting with individuals with substance use issues, and at two large agencies working with individuals with trauma histories. I have had training and experience working with individuals who have myriad concerns, including: depression, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, post-traumatic distress, interpersonal conflict, problematic sexual behaviors, and parenting concerns.


  • MA: Clinical Social Work, Temple University, 2019
  • BA: Psychology, Salem State University, 2010


  • Licensed Social Worker, Pennsylvania, Issued June 2019


Hannah Roop

H Roop Headshot

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I have been in clinical work since 2019. In my practice, I engage adults in the difficult and exciting process of making change in their lives. I combine a client-centered, goal-oriented approach with psychodynamic training that considers the root of present problems. The driving force in my work is a firm belief that there is hope for change even when we cannot see it.

My experience includes working in community mental health in the context of housing/houselessness. I have worked with individuals experiencing personality disorders, anxiety, depression, and other serious mental illness diagnoses as well as substance use issues. I have extensive training in motivational interviewing and working with dual diagnoses as well as people who have experienced trauma and loss.


  • MSW: University of Chicago, 2019
  • BA: English, Wheaton College, 2015


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Pennsylvania, Issued November 2022
  • Licensed Social Worker, Pennsylvania, March 2020-November 2022


Katharine Sperandio

K Sperandio3.jpegI am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have been doing clinical work since 2012. I started my career by helping individuals who were struggling with substance abuse issues and expanded my focus to support individuals with other mental health concerns. I love what I do as I get to see the best of the human condition and I have the unique opportunity of witnessing individuals strive to make changes, resulting in an improvement in their lives and well-being. I love listening to others’ journeys and collaborating with them regarding how they will write their next chapter.

My past work experience has consisted mainly of assisting individuals struggling with addiction and other mental health concerns in outpatient settings. I have had training in Motivational Interviewing, trauma-informed care, multicultural counseling, clinical mental health counseling, and addictions counseling.


  • PhD: Counselor Education and Supervision, William & Mary, 2019
  • MEd: Community Counseling, William & Mary, 2014
  • BS: Psychology, Texas A&M University, 2011


  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Pennsylvania, Issued June 2018